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Meet Darren Borodin, owner of DKMI Best Hot Dogs.

Some of you may know the mild-mannered, soft-spoken hot dog vendor that has tended to the appetites of city-slickers, county residents and workers for the past three and a half years. In the very near future, Mr. Borodin’s business may no longer be in operation.

Due to the City of York’s arbitrary and unnecessarily complicated street vendor licensing schemes, DKMI Best Hot Dogs does not know its future. Through no fault of his own, and by no action or condition of the marketplace, Mr. Borodin’s business venture may come to an abrupt end – by the simple stroke of a bureaucrat’s pen.

City officials have not updated the public or Mr. Borodin as to when, if or how his street vending license will be renewed, plaguing DKMI Best Hot Dogs with a government imposed uncertainty and inability to project business plans into the future.

From what we have been able to gather through the city’s suffocating mobile food vendor committee process, an artificially low number of licenses will be auctioned off to the highest bidder; creating a commercial environment ripe for corruption, crony capitalism and influence peddling. The York LP believes licenses should be granted freely, absent from artificial scarcity and prohibitive pricing which do nothing to foster competition but instead allow government to usurp the mandates of the actual and proper marketplace. Consumers and consumers alone should determine whether or not a business succeeds or fails, not government meddling. In this case, the government’s extreme stance on entrepreneurs threatens small businesses from ever getting started, let alone continuously operate.

Stand Up for Justice

The York County Libertarian Party salutes Mr. Borodin of DKMI Best Hot Dogs for being a model entrepreneur and custodian of the city’s Continental Square during the last three and a half years. Mr. Borodin’s presence on the Square has contributed to a wonderful sense of community; he openly welcomes competition, calling it ‘exciting’. His humble approach and perseverance as he navigates through the city’s cold, bureaucratic nightmare should be commended by us all.

Please join us at the next mobile food vendor committee meeting – June 17th, 4p in the Pullo Conference Room at City Hall as we make a call for the city to end its discriminatory treatment of street vendors and allow entrepreneurs like Mr. Borodin to make a living, free of undue government interference and stress.


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