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URGENT: City Officials, Police Team Up to Block Event


After City Refuses Permit, Commemorative Basketball Tournament Now in Jeopardy

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…an injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere.

The 3rd annual Trey & Boo Classic, a commemorative basketball tournament organized by community activist Wayne Scott, is being blocked by the City of York.

The Trey & Boo Classic, recognized as a positive city tradition, aims “to bring young people together and promote unity in our community”, said Scott. The annual event brings about 500 people to the city’s Penn Park; including athletes from Chester, Lebanon, Lancaster, Harrisburg, Philadelphia, and Baltimore.

City officials are demanding Mr. Scott pay the York City Police Department nearly $13000 in police reimbursement fees ($6335.86 for 2012, and the same for 2013) before they grant him his permit. In 2007, Middle District Court Judge Yvette Kane instructed the City of York to discontinue its practice of forcing event organizers to pay police reimbursement fees, calling the practice unconstitutional. I went through a similar struggle with the city in 2008, which ultimately ended up in the ACLU intervening and my permit being granted.

Mr. Scott says that while he’s aware he has the option to move the event to another city or township to avoid a potentially costly legal battle, he intends to keep it in the city. “I want to highlight York City. This event is in remembrance and honor of two York High graduates lost to city violence, this location has a meaning to me.” Scott’s work in the city earned him the 2011 York Human Relations Award for his outstanding achievements towards bringing peace and togetherness to a divided community.

Tell York City to Grant Mr. Scott’s Permit

Mr. Scott’s event permit is being denied until he pays the city nearly $13000 in unconstitutional police fees. He informs us that unless he can secure the dates of June 29th/30th by the first week of March, he’ll be unable to move forward with his event. From an organizing perspective, it’s important to have certainty moving forward, otherwise Mr. Scott will be unable to coordinate with the many vendors and volunteers which make the event a success.

Call, Email City Officials – Save the Trey & Boo Classic

We need everyone who reads this to call or email the City of York and DEMAND that city officials respect the first amendment and community tradition – and ALLOW the Trey & Boo Classic to go forward. Use the contact info we provide below.

Be courteous, but stern. Please do not engage in any rude or confrontational communications. Remember, the Trey & Boo Classic is about positivity.

YCPD Chief: Wes Kahley – (717) 577-8850 / wkahley@yorkcity.org
YCPD SGT: Matt Leitzel – mleitzel@yorkcity.org

Secretary, York City Public Works: Cheri Muir – (717) 849-2245 / cmuir@yorkcity.org

Mayor Kim Bracey – (717) 849-2221 / kbracey@yorkcity.org
Public Relations Director, Edquina Washington: (717) 849-2200 / ewashington@yorkcity.org

Keep calling/emailing until the city grants the permit and allows the event to go forward. If you get their voicemail, leave a message.

If we move in unison, the people will prevail. Stand for positivity, dignity and respect. Forward to the 3rd Annual Trey & Boo Classic!

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