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UPDATE: York City Police Department Denies Access to Records


YCPD Chief Kahley Reneges on Promise to Deliver Data Policy to the Public

Eight months after Councilman Michael Helfrich called on Chief Wes Kahley and the York City Police Department to release a policy on the city’s use of automatic license plate scanners, the stonewalling continues.

Despite multiple reassurances from the York City Police Department that a policy outlining protective measures would be released publicly, the city has yet again denied my Right-To-Know request for records associated with the operation of the scanners.

RTK ALPR042013Request Denial

I’m initiating an appeal with the Pennsylvania Office of Open Records. I’ve alerted city council members and requested they join me in leading the call for transparency in public policy.

Click the links below to read the extensive background history of this issue. I’m committed to pursuing this matter to the fullest legal and procedural extent; there will be no rest until we are assured innocent citizens’ privacy interests are being properly respected.

Stay tuned.

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