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Community Reacts to York City Police Beating of Young Student


Let’s Call it What It Is – It’s Child Abuse

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It’s time. Enough facts are out to create an assessment of this incident. It’s time for the community to engage in dialogue and determine what needs to happen next.

I have a simple question. If a private citizen, along with two other men, locked a child in a room, “restrained her” and then injured her as badly as the police injured that child in the name of “getting her to behave”, wouldn’t there be an investigation into child abuse?

Why then, is it any different when the perpetrators of the child abuse are men in uniform? Is violence against children to be punished no matter the source? Or only when it occurs at the hands of private individuals? Do we, as a community, condone or condemn child abuse? That’s the question to be answered. We wouldn’t stand by if this violence was perpetrated by a parent on a child, and we shouldn’t stand by when it happens at the hands of the police.

First They Fail Our Children, Then They Jail Our Children

A preliminary look at the city of York’s police log shows a disturbing trend. From January to December, there’s been dozens of calls to police for what appears to be minor student misbehavior. Criminalization of student misbehavior is a national trend and disproportionately affects distressed urban neighborhoods like the city of York.

It’s a shame, but most adults working in school environments are willing to turn the other way and let the police and courts feast on our youth so as to not jeopardize their standard of living and comfortable salaries.

Stop Snitching Culture Permeates York City Police

We’ve all heard the calls for citizen cooperation and engagement when crimes occur in our community. Police frequently chide the community and malign entire neighborhoods when residents refuse to come forward with information.

What of the police, and their ‘thin blue line’ of silence? It’s the institutionalized, systemic equivalent of the community’s ‘stop snitching’ movement. Police will not step forward, even in a case involving brutality and child abuse, because it would be seen as blasphemy; one cop never outs another.

I challenge the York City Police Department to break convention, step forward and tell us the truth. We know Cierra Handy was abused and brutalized, now who’s going to rise above and help us right this wrong? Another question is, why did police erase the police log entry related to the beating incident? If you check the police log, it’s no longer there. What are they trying to hide, and why are they sanitizing key pieces of what should be public information?

I call on any officers who have information, including Chief Kahley, to step forward and assist in our pursuit of justice. Anything less would be the height of hypocrisy.

Residents Take to Social Networks to Express Shock

UPDATE: The incident has been verified, and the picture has been confirmed as real.

Erin James, reporter with the York Dispatch, spoke with the 16 year-old victim. Click here to read her story

In last ditch bout of secrecy, police remove police log entry believed to be that of police brutality/child abuse incident – see below

A picture allegedly showing the result of a York City Police officer’s brutal beating of an unarmed, handcuffed and restrained York City student is being circulated on the web.

This author has contacted a school staff member who has confirmed that police and city officials are looking into ‘an incident’ that occurred at the city of York’s Lindbergh Academy. No further information has been provided. We will be monitoring this situation closely and will have more to say as the situation unfolds.

Tensions Are Running High

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