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UPDATE: (Video) Lack of Affordable Housing and Loss of Land Rights: The Unseen Impacts of the York Redevelopment Authority

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How the RDA implements reverter clauses and deed restrictions to undermine free markets and abrogate property rights

Lack of Affordable Housing and Loss of Land Rights

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York City Council: Automatic License Plate Scanner Meeting

Video of York city council discussion regarding YCPD’s proposal to deploy automatic license plate scanners in York. If you missed it, our background coverage can be found here

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  • York County Libertarian Party Calls for Moratorium on Deployment of Automatic License Plate Scanners

    For Immediate Release
    Sunday, September 04, 2011

    York County Libertarian Party
    Evan Mentzell - Secretary

    York County Libertarian Party Calls for Moratorium on Deployment of Automatic License Plate Scanners

    York, PA - The York County Libertarian Party (York LP) is raising opposition to a measure proposed by the council of the City of York, which would authorize the York City Police Department to purchase Automatic License Plate Scanners.

    A Bill authorizing the purchase of automatic license plate scanners is scheduled to be introduced during York City council's legislative session on Tuesday, Sept. 06 at 7pm in York's city council chambers.

    The York LP is calling on public officials in the City of York to table the measure until proper oversight and deployment restrictions are judiciously explored and implemented with the full and open participation of the public. Members say the proposal raises concerns over the protection of innocent citizens' privacy.

    "We need full oversight as to how the data will be collected and stored, and answers to whether or not citizens' private data will be collated and sold to private companies," said David Moser, Chair of the York County Libertarian Party, speaking during a special meeting on the topic.

    Automatic License Plate Scanners have been deployed in various municipalities throughout the nation in recent years, often used to locate, track, and seize vehicles found to be without insurance coverage, vehicles registered to individuals who owe taxes and municipal fees, and even overdue library charges. "We offer the opportunity to the City of York, that we can be the vanguard of openness and transparency and show that these systems can be properly implemented and utilized free and clear of abuse if proper citizen engagement and access is granted early on in the process", said Mr. Moser.

    For more info: http://yorklp.org/press
    email: press@yorklp.org