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Tell the York Daily Record/Sunday News: It's Wrong to Promote Strife and Distrust

Anonymous Editorial Bashes Community Residents for Constitutionally Protected Activity

The York County Libertarian Party and its community partners have come under attack in response to a presentation made during a recent Stewartstown Borough council meeting. Evan Mentzell, of Stewartstown, and Manuel Gomez, a resident of the City of York, advised the Stewartstown council that its current meeting rules and procedures prohibiting firearms in meetings are a violation of state law.

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My (REJECTED) Letter to the Editor: When Child Abuse and the Stop Snitching Culture Collide

York Daily Record/Sunday News Censors Criticism of State Violence

My first thought was this letter to the editor, and my beef with the censorship that followed, wasn’t appropriate for this web space. After some contemplation, I’ve reconsidered my position.

The State Calls Its Own Violence Law, But That of the Individual Crime – Max Stirner

It’s important to illustrate, as this case does well, how violence at the hands of the state is treated differently than violence perpetrated by private individuals. Consider the case of the 16-year-old child beaten and abused in York last month. Where is the usual community outcry that would follow such a savage incident?

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Dave's Random Ramblings: York Co Libertarian Chair Ejected from YDR & York College Candidate Event

Last Evening (March 13th) York College and the York Daily Record hosted a “Voters Talk/Candidates Listen” event in the Humanities Building on York College’s campus. The event began at 7pm and was intended as an “experiment in democracy”. As far as I know we are a constitutional republic. As to the event; there is a big chunk missing from my recollection as I was thrown out within 20 minutes of it beginning.

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