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York City Schools Implement Biometric Finger Scans Without Parental Consent

School District Using Digital Finger Scans for Transactions

How would you feel if you knew your child’s school is using biometric jailhouse tracking technology to monitor your children and catalog their whereabouts without parental consent? Well, that’s exactly what’s going on in schools in the City of York.

Digital finger scans are nothing new. They’ve been a source of controversy across the U.S. and worldwide for quite some time, causing both privacy advocates and IT security professionals to sound warnings about their use and potential for abuse.

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Shock and Awe at City Schools?

What You Didn’t Hear About York City’s School Intruder Drill

The following is a letter submitted by Gary Martin to the York LP for publication. The York Daily Record/Sunday News refused to publish Mr. Martin’s account of what happened regarding the York City School District intruder drill. This is certainly not the first time the York Daily Record/Sunday News has censored community outcry.

In the interest of full disclosure and discovery, here’s Mr. Martin’s unedited account of the drill.

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YorkCounts Charter Proposal: Disaster Capitalism Strikes York

Corporate Consortium Primes for Takeover of City Schools

A surprisingly balanced editorial from the York Dispatch recently stated a systemic change is in order for York City schools. YorkCounts, York County’s foremost promoters of regionalism and government consolidation, has issued a recommendation that all city schools be ‘reformed’ into charters.

First of all, it’s important to point out that the YorkCounts report and recommendations are not based on a local focus or even particularly tailored to local issues. The YorkCounts report is nothing more than a national template that is currently sweeping the nation. What’s driving this sweeping movement? You’ve probably already guessed it; money, opportunism, and government. That train’s never late.

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Dave's Random Ramblings: No Choice Is A Dumb Option

Charter Schools Are An Option We Can’t Do Without

What do you do when there is only one choice and you know it’s not the right one? York City School Board feels you shouldn’t have a choice and they really don’t care if York City Schools are not right for you. This folks is what we call a government monopoly.

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