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UPDATE: York City Police Department Denies Access to Records

YCPD Chief Kahley Reneges on Promise to Deliver Data Policy to the Public

Eight months after Councilman Michael Helfrich called on Chief Wes Kahley and the York City Police Department to release a policy on the city’s use of automatic license plate scanners, the stonewalling continues.

Despite multiple reassurances from the York City Police Department that a policy outlining protective measures would be released publicly, the city has yet again denied my Right-To-Know request for records associated with the operation of the scanners.

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York County Police Seeking Federal Funds for Pre-Crime Intelligence System

Predictive Analysis and Automated Suspicion: The New Sheriff’s In Town

Local police want to supplant officer discretion, a flawed model in and of itself, and replace reasonable suspicion with a mechanized software program. YCPD Captain Russel Tschopp said it best, when describing local officers’ reliance on technology, he said “we need computers that think for us”.

YCPD Captain: “We Need Computers That Think for Us”

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URGENT: City Officials, Police Team Up to Block Event

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…an injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere.

The 3rd annual Trey & Boo Classic, a commemorative basketball tournament organized by community activist Wayne Scott, is being blocked by the City of York.

The Trey & Boo Classic, recognized as a positive city tradition, aims “to bring young people together and promote unity in our community”, said Scott. The annual event brings about 500 people to the city’s Penn Park; including athletes from Chester, Lebanon, Lancaster, Harrisburg, Philadelphia, and Baltimore.

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My (REJECTED) Letter to the Editor: When Child Abuse and the Stop Snitching Culture Collide

York Daily Record/Sunday News Censors Criticism of State Violence

My first thought was this letter to the editor, and my beef with the censorship that followed, wasn’t appropriate for this web space. After some contemplation, I’ve reconsidered my position.

The State Calls Its Own Violence Law, But That of the Individual Crime – Max Stirner

It’s important to illustrate, as this case does well, how violence at the hands of the state is treated differently than violence perpetrated by private individuals. Consider the case of the 16-year-old child beaten and abused in York last month. Where is the usual community outcry that would follow such a savage incident?

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