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From the Chair's Desk: Thoughts on York Human Relations Commission

Mismanagement, Secret Meetings on Mayor’s Watch

In all the reports of drama and controversy surrounding the city’s Human Relations Commission, the media has failed to cover one critical bit of information. A sunshine act complaint was filed in response to the secret, closed door sessions that led to the suspension of Director Seaton. Interesting how some things make front page, yet this never got any mention.

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Rebuttal to Kim Bracey's calls for regionalization

*Regionalization. As defined on Wikipedia it is the process of dividing a political entity or country into smaller jurisdictions (administrative divisions or sub-national units) and transferring power from the central government to the regions; the opposite of unitarisation. This is what Eventually Mayor Bracey C. K. Bracey.....York's Friends and Family Plan.......Yes. But, hates black people?
and her “associates” will be calling her big plan when they finally think they have a ripe opportunity to sell it.

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