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From the Chair's Desk: Thoughts on York Human Relations Commission

Mismanagement, Secret Meetings on Mayor’s Watch

In all the reports of drama and controversy surrounding the city’s Human Relations Commission, the media has failed to cover one critical bit of information. A sunshine act complaint was filed in response to the secret, closed door sessions that led to the suspension of Director Seaton. Interesting how some things make front page, yet this never got any mention.

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What's Really Wrong with York City's Human Relations Commission?

Closed Door Sessions, Lack of Minutes and Turmoil

It’s something people have been wondering, lately. The mayor zeroed out key items for the commission in her 2013 budget (postage for example) evicted the agency from its building, auctioned its office items and stuck the commission in a closet in the York County Administrative Center. Sound suspicious, already? The commission is in shambles. Several seats on the eleven-member board are vacant. The chair position seems to be a revolving door. Turnover is dramatically high and it’s not hard to see why. Here’s what I’ve been able to glean from the few meetings I’ve attended

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What’s A Brother Got To Do For Some Justice?

“You need a cop to file a private criminal complaint”. Yep. It sounded just that stupid when I heard it too. Of course a magistrate’s secretary was yelling it at my party of intrepid adventurers when I heard it so there was more emotion. Or maybe the magistrate’s secretary needs to move to Colorado or Washington……..whatever.

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