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York's Protectionist Vending Rules Threaten Small Business Owner's Livelihood

Bureaucratic Process Causes Uncertainty, “Gut-wrenching Fear” for Entrepreneur

Meet Darren Borodin, owner of DKMI Best Hot Dogs.

Some of you may know the mild-mannered, soft-spoken hot dog vendor that has tended to the appetites of city-slickers, county residents and workers for the past three and a half years. In the very near future, Mr. Borodin’s business may no longer be in operation.

Due to the City of York’s arbitrary and unnecessarily complicated street vendor licensing schemes, DKMI Best Hot Dogs does not know its future. Through no fault of his own, and by no action or condition of the marketplace, Mr. Borodin’s business venture may come to an abrupt end – by the simple stroke of a bureaucrat’s pen.

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York City Council Mobile Food Vendor Discussion: Part 1

Why Is Everyone Mad at Me?

City council recently introduced ten pages of regulatory barriers and restraints on mobile food vendors. As I’ve always advocated for people to have the freedom to exchange goods and services in York City, I thought I’d attend the proceedings and offer my input on York’s mobile food vendor ordinance.

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