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York City Mayor: Humanitarian Award Winner Must Pay City Fee for Permission to Feed the Needy

Mayor C. Kim Bracey Forces Permit Fees On Charity Event

“The safest way to make laws respected is to make them respectable.” • Bastiat

For the second time in as many years, the City of York stands as a barrier between a charitable organization and the people it works to serve.

York mayor Kim Bracey has ordered 2011 City of York Humanitarian Award recipient Bobby Brunner to pay a $35 permit fee (along with all other applicable fees) in order to be able to pass out food and donated items to the needy during a planned Sept. 6th giveaway.

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From the Chair's Desk: Thoughts on York Human Relations Commission

Mismanagement, Secret Meetings on Mayor’s Watch

In all the reports of drama and controversy surrounding the city’s Human Relations Commission, the media has failed to cover one critical bit of information. A sunshine act complaint was filed in response to the secret, closed door sessions that led to the suspension of Director Seaton. Interesting how some things make front page, yet this never got any mention.

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URGENT: City Officials, Police Team Up to Block Event

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…an injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere.

The 3rd annual Trey & Boo Classic, a commemorative basketball tournament organized by community activist Wayne Scott, is being blocked by the City of York.

The Trey & Boo Classic, recognized as a positive city tradition, aims “to bring young people together and promote unity in our community”, said Scott. The annual event brings about 500 people to the city’s Penn Park; including athletes from Chester, Lebanon, Lancaster, Harrisburg, Philadelphia, and Baltimore.

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What's Really Wrong with York City's Human Relations Commission?

Closed Door Sessions, Lack of Minutes and Turmoil

It’s something people have been wondering, lately. The mayor zeroed out key items for the commission in her 2013 budget (postage for example) evicted the agency from its building, auctioned its office items and stuck the commission in a closet in the York County Administrative Center. Sound suspicious, already? The commission is in shambles. Several seats on the eleven-member board are vacant. The chair position seems to be a revolving door. Turnover is dramatically high and it’s not hard to see why. Here’s what I’ve been able to glean from the few meetings I’ve attended

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Rebuttal to Kim Bracey's calls for regionalization

*Regionalization. As defined on Wikipedia it is the process of dividing a political entity or country into smaller jurisdictions (administrative divisions or sub-national units) and transferring power from the central government to the regions; the opposite of unitarisation. This is what Eventually Mayor Bracey C. K. Bracey.....York's Friends and Family Plan.......Yes. But, hates black people?
and her “associates” will be calling her big plan when they finally think they have a ripe opportunity to sell it.

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Rebuttal to Henry Nixon's Twenty-Percent Tax Hike Proposal

York City councilman Henry Nixon Quotes Libertarian Manuel Gomez in Radical Opinion Piece

One statement can without doubt be said for York City Councilman Henry Nixon; his ability to twist the words and loose the meaning of good people is truly dumbfounding. To take what Manuel Gomez has been stating long before his 2011 Libertarian campaign for York City Council and distort it in such a self serving fashion is ignorance and conceit at it’s climax.

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