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Dave's Random ramblings: LVT.....It's Coming Back Around Again

Land Value Taxation (LVT) Is lurking in the shadows of York City Right Now…..

Guess what my fellow York City Residents? According to some in city government you are still not paying enough in taxes. Your School Tax is not enough. Your Property tax is not enough. It’s time you start paying “your fair share” via Land Value tax.

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Dave's Random Ramblings: Economic woes of York City

I recently posted this video link from Reason.tv on facebook. It discusses the current financial crisis in Harrisburg. I have seen the parallels between the capital of our commonwealth and our very own York City for some time now. Thinking I would be able to draw some to evaluate this foreshadowing of York’s future as such I added the brief comment “Up next: York, PA”. To this I received the following response:

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