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From the Chair's Desk: Bracey Proves Libertarians Correct

As a Libertarian I have often been accused of “not caring about people”.

Yes; I oppose government social programs. Yes; I oppose taking by force from those “that do” to buy political favor from those that “cannot” or “do not”. How many can say they have never voted based on racist, sexist, or monetary motives. I can. Party of Principle after all…….
Right now in York we face the consequences of too many people’s motivations when voting. We Libertarians have long stated that charity belongs in the private sector. I and others have time and time again called out government corruption giftwrapped in the illusions of giving, charity, and hope.

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York Mayor Bracey to Discuss Fate of Trey & Boo Classic Tournament

Meeting Set in Response to Community Pressure

In response to intense community pressure, York mayor Kim Bracey is set to meet Thursday with commemorative basketball tournament organizer Wayne Scott. Mr. Scott’s permit to hold the Trey & Boo Classic basketball tournament was denied pending payment of nearly $13,000 in police reimbursement fees. Read the story here.

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Why The City's No Tax Increase Budget Proposal is an Election Year Ploy

City Officials Mask Persistent Deficits and Salary Excesses

Proposed 2013 Budget | Budget Session Video

Much has been made of Mayor Bracey’s announcement that the 2013 proposed budget doesn’t include a tax increase. The problem is that’s only partially true. If you pay any attention to the city’s budget process, you’ll quickly see that budget sessions are nothing more than castrated, elementary math sessions, based solely on data points pre-approved by the administration. data-count=

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