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CRIZ Tax Diversion Program: Will the Latest State Sponsored Business Incentive Spur Development in the City of York?

City Revitalization and Improvement Zones (CRIZ) Trigger Corporate Welfare Craze in Pa.‘s Third Class Cities

Debate – Will CRIZ program benefit York?

for the TL;DR version, skip the text and hit play on the video above to view a discussion on the CRIZ topic between myself and CRIZ supporter/Think Loud CEO Bill Hynes.

Move over – Keystone Opportunity Zones – there’s a new, over-hyped, wildly speculative and risky business incentive program being pushed by the know-it-all bureaucrats in Pa. government.

City Revitalization and Improvement Zone projects will allow eligible businesses to divert state and local taxes to pay for project bonds and debt financing.

State taxes that can be diverted include:

  • Personal Income
  • Capital Stock Transfer
  • Corporate Net Income
  • Sales
  • Liquor Taxes

Local Taxes that can be diverted (pending approval) include:

  • Earned Income
  • Commuter
  • Business Privilege/Mercantile Tax
  • Local services
  • Amusement Tax

Bureaucrats in the City of York are in heat with CRIZ fever, with council unanimously moving forward with the process to establish a CRIZ authority in York despite my objections from the gallery.

I’ll have much more to add to the discussion of CRIZ, central planning and tax subsidies in York as the process moves along. For now, be sure to watch the candid debate between myself and developer Bill Hynes, CEO of Think Loud LLC, who did a fine job representing his brand while giving his honest take on the business incentive program.

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What's Really Wrong with York City's Human Relations Commission?

Closed Door Sessions, Lack of Minutes and Turmoil

It’s something people have been wondering, lately. The mayor zeroed out key items for the commission in her 2013 budget (postage for example) evicted the agency from its building, auctioned its office items and stuck the commission in a closet in the York County Administrative Center. Sound suspicious, already? The commission is in shambles. Several seats on the eleven-member board are vacant. The chair position seems to be a revolving door. Turnover is dramatically high and it’s not hard to see why. Here’s what I’ve been able to glean from the few meetings I’ve attended

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What’s A Brother Got To Do For Some Justice?

“You need a cop to file a private criminal complaint”. Yep. It sounded just that stupid when I heard it too. Of course a magistrate’s secretary was yelling it at my party of intrepid adventurers when I heard it so there was more emotion. Or maybe the magistrate’s secretary needs to move to Colorado or Washington……..whatever.

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UPDATE: (Video) Lack of Affordable Housing and Loss of Land Rights: The Unseen Impacts of the York Redevelopment Authority

UPDATE with Video: York Official Calls Guns Stores ‘Socially Undesirable’, Uses Deed Restrictions to Impose Ban

How the RDA implements reverter clauses and deed restrictions to undermine free markets and abrogate property rights

Lack of Affordable Housing and Loss of Land Rights

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York City Police Engaging in Wholesale Surveillance of Innocent Citizens

YCPD Using Surveillance Technology to Track and Trace

How do you feel knowing that York City Police are keeping detailed records of your daily movements and whereabouts? We feel it’s an affront to one of the basic principles of a free society – the right to be left alone. Citizens are to be presumed innocent, but with its automatic license plate scanners, the York City Police Department is watching everyone closely and without prejudice under a pall of unmitigated suspicion. If you’re unfamiliar with the specific reasons why we’re concerned about police use of automatic license plate scanners, listen to my interview or read our earlier coverage for more information. Or just keep reading.

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Rebuttal to Henry Nixon's Twenty-Percent Tax Hike Proposal

York City councilman Henry Nixon Quotes Libertarian Manuel Gomez in Radical Opinion Piece

One statement can without doubt be said for York City Councilman Henry Nixon; his ability to twist the words and loose the meaning of good people is truly dumbfounding. To take what Manuel Gomez has been stating long before his 2011 Libertarian campaign for York City Council and distort it in such a self serving fashion is ignorance and conceit at it’s climax.

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York City Council: Automatic License Plate Scanner Meeting

Video of York city council discussion regarding YCPD’s proposal to deploy automatic license plate scanners in York. If you missed it, our background coverage can be found here

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