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Dave's Random Ramblings: Some Insights on the Pennsylvania Libertarian Party (LPPA)

So an old classmate from high school recently posted a pic he took on a recent trip to a Ron Paul Rally in his new home state of Virginia. He said the pic reminded him of me. Having said that; I should post the pic so as to not startle anyone that knows me.

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Why Have Even One Primary?

One of many currently unanswered questions on the minds of voters’, possible candidates, and county chairs of political parties across Pennsylvania at the time of this writing is “will we be having two separate primaries this year?”

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Dave's Random Ramblings 2011/12/11

Below I am sharing a group email exchange from another county party’s yahoo group I have been part of for a little while now. I am leaving out the names as I have no interest in playing those type of games here. Instead I hope to both educate and possibly shed some light onto one of the biggest divisions internal of the Libertarian Party as well as the biggest and oldest threat to our existence itself.

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Proposed LPUS By-Laws Amendment Seeks to Protect Integrity of Local Party Affiliates

The Libertarian Party Bylaws Committee has proposed a bylaw amendment to be voted on by the delegates attending the Libertarian Party’s National Convention scheduled for May 3-6, 2012 at the Red Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. The proposed amendment reads, in part: No individual enrolled as a registered voter affiliated with another political party, if he or she has the option of affiliating with the Libertarian Party, shall be eligible to serve as a Party employee, National Committee member, committee member, or delegate, or hold any other position of trust or responsibility within the Party.

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