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A Call To Action

An issue of special concern, Councilman Henry Nixon has reintroduced authorizing a $5,325,137(5.3 million) dollar bond to acquire a parking system from the City of York General Authority. This simply cannot be allowed to happen. Not only from the principled perspective of maintaining free enterprise over government control and bureaucracy but a tangible real world savings to you and I. It has been said that he would tax his fellow council people for their chamber seats if he could get away with it. But hey! What do you expect from someone who ran for office on a single platform of "whatever the mayor says"? I would like to quote a recently written but never submitted op-ed concerning this very topic that I have been privy to. I feel it best illustrates what needs said. The author’s privacy will be respected:

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Rebuttal to Kim Bracey's calls for regionalization

*Regionalization. As defined on Wikipedia it is the process of dividing a political entity or country into smaller jurisdictions (administrative divisions or sub-national units) and transferring power from the central government to the regions; the opposite of unitarisation. This is what Eventually Mayor Bracey C. K. Bracey.....York's Friends and Family Plan.......Yes. But, hates black people?
and her “associates” will be calling her big plan when they finally think they have a ripe opportunity to sell it.

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Rebuttal to Henry Nixon's Twenty-Percent Tax Hike Proposal

York City councilman Henry Nixon Quotes Libertarian Manuel Gomez in Radical Opinion Piece

One statement can without doubt be said for York City Councilman Henry Nixon; his ability to twist the words and loose the meaning of good people is truly dumbfounding. To take what Manuel Gomez has been stating long before his 2011 Libertarian campaign for York City Council and distort it in such a self serving fashion is ignorance and conceit at it’s climax.

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