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Koffenberger's Weekly Platts Report (Jan 02 2012-Jan 08 2012)

The House of Representatives is not back in session until January 17th, and the Senate not until January 23rd. A nice break for the people. We cannot lose any more of our liberties while they are away! One of my inspirations into becoming more informed and active in politics died a few days before Christmas. Ron Smith of WBAL in Baltimore was a true independent and was the most well informed, well read, principled radio talk show host that I have ever heard. Rest in peace “The Voice of Reason.” He always felt that the best we could hope for in the U.S. Congress was gridlock. One party being the “stupid party,” and the other, the “evil party.” Bipartisanship was considered both stupid and evil. A cynical view certainly, but until things change, and we vote for someone outside the two party dichotomy, perhaps gridlock is the best we can hope for.

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