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Victims of Domestic Violence Are Not Nuisances

York’s Nuisance Abatement Ordinance Punishes Sufferers of Domestic Abuse

October is domestic violence awareness month, a period during which the nation focuses its efforts and dialogue on the challenges to creating safer, gentler communities. It’s time we bring the conversation home and take a look at just one of the ways in which that struggle manifests itself in York.

Call 911, Get Evicted

It’s reasonable to assume that calling law enforcement to report abuse is always good advice. But in cities like York, which have enacted nuisance abatement laws that penalize landlords and tenants for incidents involving police response, reporting abuse to the authorities can lead to evictions and homelessness.

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York Mayor Bracey to Discuss Fate of Trey & Boo Classic Tournament

Meeting Set in Response to Community Pressure

In response to intense community pressure, York mayor Kim Bracey is set to meet Thursday with commemorative basketball tournament organizer Wayne Scott. Mr. Scott’s permit to hold the Trey & Boo Classic basketball tournament was denied pending payment of nearly $13,000 in police reimbursement fees. Read the story here.

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URGENT: City Officials, Police Team Up to Block Event

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…an injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere.

The 3rd annual Trey & Boo Classic, a commemorative basketball tournament organized by community activist Wayne Scott, is being blocked by the City of York.

The Trey & Boo Classic, recognized as a positive city tradition, aims “to bring young people together and promote unity in our community”, said Scott. The annual event brings about 500 people to the city’s Penn Park; including athletes from Chester, Lebanon, Lancaster, Harrisburg, Philadelphia, and Baltimore.

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