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Thank You York City School board Director Leonard

I commend Mr. Leonard on putting the students and freedom first. There appears only one York City School Board Director that remembers WHY they are doing. I would have been casting my vote in unison with Mr. Leonard had it not been for the corrupt political wranglings that go on so thinly veiled behind the scenes and the generations of manipulated and bought off voters casting ballots based on blind fear and misinformation. Ah…Major Party politics!

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Dave's Random Ramblings 2011/12/11

Below I am sharing a group email exchange from another county party’s yahoo group I have been part of for a little while now. I am leaving out the names as I have no interest in playing those type of games here. Instead I hope to both educate and possibly shed some light onto one of the biggest divisions internal of the Libertarian Party as well as the biggest and oldest threat to our existence itself.

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Rebuttal to Henry Nixon's Twenty-Percent Tax Hike Proposal

York City councilman Henry Nixon Quotes Libertarian Manuel Gomez in Radical Opinion Piece

One statement can without doubt be said for York City Councilman Henry Nixon; his ability to twist the words and loose the meaning of good people is truly dumbfounding. To take what Manuel Gomez has been stating long before his 2011 Libertarian campaign for York City Council and distort it in such a self serving fashion is ignorance and conceit at it’s climax.

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Bipartisan Security State Hurts Pennsylvanians

Representatives from Both Sides of the Aisle Team Up for National Defense Authorization Act

Penn. representatives have subjected ordinary Americans to military detention under NDAAOn Tuesday Nov 29th the Us Senate voted down a provision (provision 1031) meant to modify the yet-to-be-approved-by-Senate National Defense Authorization Act(NDAA)/ S.1867 The NDAA already passed the house as H.R. 1540 This provision at it’s core would have prevented the U.S. Military (which Canada and the U.N. can “legally” take command of in certain loosely defined circumstances) from detaining citizens of these united states labeled (without proof) terrorism suspects on U.S. soil and hold them indefinitely without trial. Powers currently “provided for” by the NDAA.

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Q&A with David Moser - NAACP Candidates Forum

David Moser, Libertarian candidate – school board director of the City of York – answers questions at NAACP candidates forum.

Proposed LPUS By-Laws Amendment Seeks to Protect Integrity of Local Party Affiliates

The Libertarian Party Bylaws Committee has proposed a bylaw amendment to be voted on by the delegates attending the Libertarian Party’s National Convention scheduled for May 3-6, 2012 at the Red Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. The proposed amendment reads, in part: No individual enrolled as a registered voter affiliated with another political party, if he or she has the option of affiliating with the Libertarian Party, shall be eligible to serve as a Party employee, National Committee member, committee member, or delegate, or hold any other position of trust or responsibility within the Party.

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