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From the Chair’s Desk

Growing Pains

Everyone makes mistakes. Of course not everyone’s mistakes get front page of the York Dispatch. I, Dave Moser, missed one post-election campaign report filing. While I certainly wouldn’t call it a major real estate investment with Kevin Schreiber and the York RDA, I will own it none the less. Hopefully it does not come with too many ordinance-imitating-restriction-clauses on it.

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Dave's Random Ramblings: No Choice Is A Dumb Option

Charter Schools Are An Option We Can’t Do Without

What do you do when there is only one choice and you know it’s not the right one? York City School Board feels you shouldn’t have a choice and they really don’t care if York City Schools are not right for you. This folks is what we call a government monopoly.

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Dave's Random Ramblings: Do I support the Christian Right Or The LGBT?

I Choose Answer C. All Of The Above

Yea….in a Libertarian world Christians, Gays, Jews, Lesbians, Muslims, Bisexuals, Atheists, Transgendered, Buddhist, Polygamists, Zoroasters, Exhibitionists, Spaghetti Monster Acolytes……….EVERYBODY would be marching in the same parade demanding that Government gets out of the marriage racket all together.

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Dave's Random ramblings: LVT.....It's Coming Back Around Again

Land Value Taxation (LVT) Is lurking in the shadows of York City Right Now…..

Guess what my fellow York City Residents? According to some in city government you are still not paying enough in taxes. Your School Tax is not enough. Your Property tax is not enough. It’s time you start paying “your fair share” via Land Value tax.

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Pa 95th District Candidate Dave Moser Speaks on Voter ID Law

Full Interview Coming Soon

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Dave's Random Ramblings: York City To Be Knee Deep By July

Who knew? Really; who could have possibly guessed that the final question from “the audience” in Downtown Inc.‘s 2011 York City Council Candidate Forum would turn out to be a foreshadowing of the greatest pressing issue in York City today. Especially when the question concerned a porta-potty in a resident’s yard. So too then was it foretold at that very same forum that a Libertarian was needed to adequately put York City’s shit in perspective. So begins another Dave’s Random Rambling…

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Dave's Random Ramblings: York Co Libertarian Chair Ejected from YDR & York College Candidate Event

Last Evening (March 13th) York College and the York Daily Record hosted a “Voters Talk/Candidates Listen” event in the Humanities Building on York College’s campus. The event began at 7pm and was intended as an “experiment in democracy”. As far as I know we are a constitutional republic. As to the event; there is a big chunk missing from my recollection as I was thrown out within 20 minutes of it beginning.

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Dave's Random Ramblings: York 912 Patriots/A Tired Old Song And Dance

That is the tired old line so many that host debates use to not include and marginalize anyone not a part of the “two party system”. It is no secret among Libertarians that the York 912 leadership is and has been for years adamantly against the Libertarian Party. It is no less a secret that York 912 is only interested in being a power broker within the Republican Party. They’ll have a Democrat speak because their membership is uniformly conservative. No threat there. They will not have Libertarians “split the conservative vote” as we have heard endlessly cried yet see no proof of. But if enough people say the sky is falling it’s falling. Right?

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Dave's Random Ramblings: Some Insights on the Pennsylvania Libertarian Party (LPPA)

So an old classmate from high school recently posted a pic he took on a recent trip to a Ron Paul Rally in his new home state of Virginia. He said the pic reminded him of me. Having said that; I should post the pic so as to not startle anyone that knows me.

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Dave's Random Ramblings: Economic woes of York City

I recently posted this video link from Reason.tv on facebook. It discusses the current financial crisis in Harrisburg. I have seen the parallels between the capital of our commonwealth and our very own York City for some time now. Thinking I would be able to draw some to evaluate this foreshadowing of York’s future as such I added the brief comment “Up next: York, PA”. To this I received the following response:

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Why Have Even One Primary?

One of many currently unanswered questions on the minds of voters’, possible candidates, and county chairs of political parties across Pennsylvania at the time of this writing is “will we be having two separate primaries this year?”

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