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York's Royal Square: Government Land Bank Combines with Secret Money to Create New Neighborhood

Redevelopment Authority Uses Anonymous Funds to Partner with Private Developer

It’s definitely election season. With municipal offices up for grabs, local bureaucrats are once again practicing the art of ‘being seen’ while touting various city projects as successes. It’s the political iteration of smoke and mirrors; the use of unproven, newly-minted initiatives to obfuscate and deflect criticism from years of failed, negligent policies.

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Councilman Helfrich Calls for Policy on License Plate Scanners

Falls Just Short of Homerun Call for Binding Resolution

One year after the York County Libertarian Party requested a moratorium on the deployment of automatic license plate scanners in York City, efforts to protect the privacy interests of York residents seem to be coming to a head.

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UPDATE: (Video) Lack of Affordable Housing and Loss of Land Rights: The Unseen Impacts of the York Redevelopment Authority

UPDATE with Video: York Official Calls Guns Stores ‘Socially Undesirable’, Uses Deed Restrictions to Impose Ban

How the RDA implements reverter clauses and deed restrictions to undermine free markets and abrogate property rights

Lack of Affordable Housing and Loss of Land Rights

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City Contract: York Taxpayers Loaned Chik-Fil-A $15,000

Chik-Fil-A COO Dan Cathy has made headlines, again. He’s pretty well-known for his strong opinions and socially conservative belief system. This time, some governments are holding his opinions against him, in the name of equality. Ridiculous, I know.

If Chik-Fil-A business suffers or grows as a consequence of Cathy’s comments, it should be at the hands of the consumers. Let the people decide whether or not they wish to patronize the restaurant. You never know which set of beliefs the government may seize on next. It could be yours. Needless to say, it would be dangerous to allow the government to engage in such paternalistic oversight.

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