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My (REJECTED) Letter to the Editor: When Child Abuse and the Stop Snitching Culture Collide

York Daily Record/Sunday News Censors Criticism of State Violence

My first thought was this letter to the editor, and my beef with the censorship that followed, wasn’t appropriate for this web space. After some contemplation, I’ve reconsidered my position.

The State Calls Its Own Violence Law, But That of the Individual Crime – Max Stirner

It’s important to illustrate, as this case does well, how violence at the hands of the state is treated differently than violence perpetrated by private individuals. Consider the case of the 16-year-old child beaten and abused in York last month. Where is the usual community outcry that would follow such a savage incident?

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Community Reacts to York City Police Beating of Young Student

Let’s Call it What It Is – It’s Child Abuse

It’s time. Enough facts are out to create an assessment of this incident. It’s time for the community to engage in dialogue and determine what needs to happen next.

I have a simple question. If a private citizen, along with two other men, locked a child in a room, “restrained her” and then injured her as badly as the police injured that child in the name of “getting her to behave”, wouldn’t there be an investigation into child abuse?

Residents Take to Social Networks to Express Shock

A picture allegedly showing the result of a York City Police officer’s brutal beating of an unarmed, handcuffed and restrained York City student is being circulated on the web.

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