York County Libertarian Party

Stewartstown Borough Council Abolishes Gun Free Zone


Council Unanimously Votes to Allow Firearms in Meetings

With very little comment other than a report of the solicitor’s findings, Stewartstown Borough council last night passed a unanimous motion to rescind a ban on guns in its municipal building.

The action followed an advisory presentation made by members of the York County Libertarian Party during last month’s workshop session.

Party members notified the borough council that its current meeting rules and procedures were in violation of the commonwealth’s Uniform Firearms Act. The York LP successfully prevented a similar rule from being enacted in the City of York in 2011.

No Controversy

The York Daily Record/Sunday News attempted to sensationalize the issue with a recent editorial bashing county gun owners which likened this author and York County’s second amendment proponents to a band of outlaws:

Permitting people to carry firearms in government buildings is irresponsible – a recipe for potential disaster and tragedy … They push this point despite the fact that it does their cause more harm than good and sullies the image of truly responsible gun owners, the ones who don’t feel nostalgia for the Wild West. – Exercise Gun Rights Responsibly

Despite the zealotry and extremism displayed in such rantings, the issue of Stewartstown’s gun free zone came and went in very anticlimactic fashion. This is a good thing. The cooperative tenor and tone of both the borough council and the York LP remained unmarred by local media agitation.

Thank You to Stewartstown Borough Council

The York County Libertarian Party thanks the Stewartstown Borough council and its solicitor’s office for their responsiveness and professionalism regarding this matter. We commend the borough council for its diligence and for its continued dedication to providing safe passage and decorum during its meetings.


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