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Highlight: City of York Mobile Food Vendor Ordinance


This Post is not for Foodies

Most people in the city – and beyond – just want to know if York city council has amended its mobile food vendor ordinance to allow more vendors and food trucks. No. It’s a work in progress.

That being said; this post is not for foodies. At least not for the doting, obsequious hipster types content with allowing local government to define and confine the street food scene to a series of niche special events each year.

It’s About Freedom, Not Foodies

Each and every individual has the right to earn a living, plain and simple.

Modernizing York’s crony-capitalist mobile food vendor ordinance demands commitment and struggle. It’s worth the battle; allowing free competition among mobile vendors and food trucks can enhance York’s cultural, culinary and economic vitality all in one fell swoop.

It’s not about a hipster foodie’s ‘right’ to grab a bite on the Square, it’s about each and every individual’s right to enter into the legitimate economy free and unburdened by protectionist mandates.

City council is scheduled to discuss ordinance amendments concerning mobile food vendors at its September committee meeting. Please attend Sept. 24th, at City Hall 101 S. George St, @ 6pm to let local government know that protectionist, gangster policies that pit neighbor against neighbor in a government sanctioned economic turf-war are not what you want to see in the city of York.

Meeting Documents, Exclusive Video/Analysis of Rules Changes – courtesy of York LP


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