York County Libertarian Party

Ross Township Shooting


York Daily Record/Sunday News Wants Our Take

Back in January, the York LP successfully lobbied the Stewartstown council to overturn its municipal building gun free zone.

So it really comes as no surprise the YDR now wants our input on gun free zones in government buildings.

A request for comment from Ed Mahon, a reporter with the YDR, was declined by myself and Evan Mentzell.

After our experience with the YDR editorial board’s contempt and derision in response to our public advocacy in Stewartstown, we believe it would be wholly imprudent for us to engage in further discussion with the YDR on this topic.

The York LP welcomes any discussion on the Ross Twp shooting and its bearing on gun free zones and security policies across our state.

We reject and lament the sensationalism and vitriol that the YDR has chosen to color the public discourse on guns and self defense.

You’re reading this in the name of transparency and openness.

As public advocates, it’s in our interest to promote sound, constructive dialogue on tough, divisive issues. Unfortunately, when it comes to the second amendment and the people of York, the YDR fails to meet that simple standard.


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