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Growing Pains

Everyone makes mistakes. Of course not everyone’s mistakes get front page of the York Dispatch. I, Dave Moser, missed one post-election campaign report filing. While I certainly wouldn’t call it a major real estate investment with Kevin Schreiber and the York RDA, I will own it none the less. Hopefully it does not come with too many ordinance-imitating-restriction-clauses on it.

Yes; Christina Kauffman made it sound scandalous. Yes; the York Dispatch editors let it go to print on the first page. Yes; this does seem to be part of an agenda ridden and ongoing effort to mislabel myself as “out of touch” and/or” derelict in my duties”. The latter you will have to decide for yourself.

As We Continue To Climb

I am quite confident these barely veiled attacks on my character will continue stemming not only from the local media but from the poverty pimps, corporate federal welfare whores, slum lords, regionalization pushers, LVT hustlers and general statist criminals that you have come to know as our elected and community leaders. As the Libertarian Party of York continues our steadfast work in exposing all for what they really are and translating the fork-tongued speech of the well-polished snake oil salesmen, these slanderous attacks will not subside. I encourage all to do your own homework. Take no one’s word as gold. It is only with a rational and informed electorate (you) that we can together break down this corruption. If you keep doing what you have been, and your parents did, you will only be getting more of the same. How you like it now? Why not give the Libertarian Party a chance?

Help US Help You

Every day we learn a little more. From those of us that have already made the plunge, we break through those layers meant to keep all but the “ordained” from sitting at the table. All our lessons learned have come with a price. Some of those costs get front page attention.
We have paid our dues. Now we need you. College paper and antiquated titles are not required. Bank accounts are not required. What we need are honest people ready to stand up against those that would have us all in chains serving their interests. We will run no one before we run what other parties have put forth as “qualified” candidates, but we know you are out there. It’s time to introduce yourself.

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Dave Moser
Chair – York LP


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