York County Libertarian Party

Greater York Regional Authority Slowly Fades to Black


York County Libertarian Party and the people – 1. York County Community Foundation and big money – 0.

That’s the tally as the West York borough council passed a unanimous motion that effectively put the Trojan horse Greater York Regional Authority proposal to rest yesterday. If you’ve been under a rock and are just now hearing about this proposal, here’s the background. Here’s earlier coverage of the authority receiving another blow to the head in North York.

Special thanks to the West York council for allowing me to address their meeting and to councilman Brian Wilson for heeding my suggestion to make a motion to formally withdraw from the proposal. Another special thanks goes out to West York resident Jeff Baker who attended each and every meeting and helped coordinate opposition to the authority proposal.

Video of the West York council vote, discussion

Given West York mayor Samuel Firestone’s misinformed rhetoric promoting the formation of a COG (council of government), it’s very likely we’ll be back in West York in short order.

Stay tuned.


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