York County Libertarian Party

The Brogue: Going Home Feels Like A South Park Episode

A Rough Night of Tearing Down the Office

So last night I visited one of my old stomping grounds; The Brogue. I have heard that the rural equivalent of poverty pimps where up to their strong arm tactics and it looked to be an opportunity to reach out with some Libertarian reason. Of course what ensued should have commenced under a tent. I cannot say how much was circus and how much was southern revival but either way I was looking for the rattle snake juggler…

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LPPA Chair Tom Stevens - Clueless or Malicious?

Pennsylvania Libertarian Party Chair Spreads Misinformation

There’s nothing worse than bureaucratic gamesmanship, both inside and outside of government. Dr. Tom Stevens, current chair of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania has been spreading the following inaccurate information concerning recent organizational changes undertaken by the York County Libertarian Party

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What’s A Brother Got To Do For Some Justice?

“You need a cop to file a private criminal complaint”. Yep. It sounded just that stupid when I heard it too. Of course a magistrate’s secretary was yelling it at my party of intrepid adventurers when I heard it so there was more emotion. Or maybe the magistrate’s secretary needs to move to Colorado or Washington……..whatever.

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Dave's Random Ramblings: No Choice Is A Dumb Option

Charter Schools Are An Option We Can’t Do Without

What do you do when there is only one choice and you know it’s not the right one? York City School Board feels you shouldn’t have a choice and they really don’t care if York City Schools are not right for you. This folks is what we call a government monopoly.

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Dave's Random Ramblings: Do I support the Christian Right Or The LGBT?

I Choose Answer C. All Of The Above

Yea….in a Libertarian world Christians, Gays, Jews, Lesbians, Muslims, Bisexuals, Atheists, Transgendered, Buddhist, Polygamists, Zoroasters, Exhibitionists, Spaghetti Monster Acolytes……….EVERYBODY would be marching in the same parade demanding that Government gets out of the marriage racket all together.

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