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Dave's Random Ramblings: York City To Be Knee Deep By July


Who knew?

Really; who could have possibly guessed that the final question from “the audience” in Downtown Inc.‘s 2011 York City Council Candidate Forum would turn out to be a foreshadowing of the greatest pressing issue in York City today? Especially when the question concerned a porta-potty in a resident’s yard. So too then was it foretold at that very same forum that a Libertarian was needed to adequately put York City’s shit in perspective. So begins another Dave’s Random Rambling…


First let me be clear; the most graphic I will be on this delicate subject is mentioning some of York City’s biggest shits by name.

Plop Plop

York City Business Administrator Michael “Godfather” O’Rourke has no problem with people…families…children…elderly; all going without the most basic essential of life: water. Three days. That is how long a human being can live without water till death sets in. How long do you think it will take York City bureaucrats to notify York Water Company to turn back on someone’s water even if they can make “arrangements”? How long do you think it will be until York Water Company gets around to sending someone out to reopen the line?

Henry Hay “Sheriff of Nottingham” Nixon, always the humanitarian, says “It’s really these unscrupulous people stealing from people who pay.” I suppose they could go with another choice. Oh! Completely slipped my mind. What other choice? The government charges like a business but then doesn’t allow for competition. Reminds me of an old board game…

Play It Again Dave

I’ll say it again. York City monopolizes our shit! York City charges us whatever they want to get rid of our shit. York City doesn’t allow for anyone to offer a competing service to remove our shit. York City does not allow you to install a septic system to take care of your own shit. Oh, and heaven forbid you throw your shit in your own yard because York City Council will most likely accuse it of being dog shit and they’ll fine you for that. Not to mention Councilman Michael Helfrich will try to tax any piss in your yard as run off. That’s just a crock o’ shit right there.

Which Hand Do I Use?

Now if this is giving you the shits and you want to protest with jazz hands or just a single finger you are probably already considering paying Michael O’ Rourke, Henry Hay Nixon, York City Mayor C.K. Bracey (it is her administration doing this after all), and even York City Council at large (for not passing an resolution, proclamation, ordinance, or anything against this action of the Mayor’s Administrators) a visit…accompanied by a large group of friends. Have fun with that. However, Don’t miss the other giant turd in the room.

We Got A Floater

York Water Company. York Water Company is the real enigma and/or enema in this equation. York Water Company is voluntarily going to shut off people’s water. York Water Company is going to shut off people’s water, not for unpaid water bills, but; for unpaid sewer and refuse bills that do not even go to the York Water Company. That’s like Comcast shutting off your cable service because you didn’t pay your car note…voluntarily.

There is no law or legal requirement for The York Water Company to do this. They have no stake in anyone paying their sewer or trash bill to the City of York. Makes me ask why The York Water Company would deprive families, children, elderly, etc from the most basic necessity of life for the City of York. Makes me think there may be some serious kick-backs and palm greasing going on here. I know York Water Company is where I would target a protest. Hell, even the county folks could withhold their payments and instead send in a letter explaining why…if they were so inclined. The big shits of York City are always saying that York City needs to attract county resident attention to York City…

Fact or Fiction?

One more thing I would like to add here. I don’t have the books in front of me and I have heard several people more in-the-know than me state this so I will simply call this an as-yet-unconfirmed rumor. I would encourage those that can confirm to come forward though.

I have heard that the city actually borrows funds from the sewer authority for other debts. I have also heard that it is quite illegal for any municipality to profit off public utility. If these rumors are true I can see both why our sewer fees have escalated so in the last few years and why the City of York would want to do “whatever it takes” to generate additional ill gotten profit via exuberant penalties and deprive people of life giving water via their thug enforcer friends at York Water Company…just to collect that ill gotten profit.

The Stump

As a Libertarian I am all for profit….but only via the machinations of a truly free market. Not by a government controlled monopoly. I plead here and now for all the York City shits I have mentioned to make this right. I additionally plea here and now for the York Water Company to do what is right and not act the part of enforcer for Micheal “The Godfather” O’Rourke and the criminally insane in York City Government. I also beg those reading this with their own minds and own hearts to do whatever in your power to lawfully oppose this. I know many of you think too often to yourselves “what can I do?’. Now is the time to answer your own question.

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