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From the Chair's Desk: Bracey Proves Libertarians Correct


As a Libertarian I have often been accused of “not caring about people”.

Yes; I oppose government social programs. Yes; I oppose taking by force from those “that do” to buy political favor from those that “cannot” or “do not”. How many can say they have never voted based on racist, sexist, or monetary motives. I can. Party of Principle after all…….
Right now in York we face the consequences of too many people’s motivations when voting. We Libertarians have long stated that charity belongs in the private sector. I and others have time and time again called out government corruption giftwrapped in the illusions of giving, charity, and hope.

Real, Voluntary Giving

We have been labeled as not caring about people because we don’t support government involvement in community.
Libertarians do care about people. We, as people, understand that charity should not come at the cost of a vote or Freedom. We, as people, consistently express more faith in our fellow sisters and brothers than those that would keep you dependent and compliant indefinitely for political gains and control of the masses.

A strong community, a healthy community, is comprised of Free independent people working their way up from the bottom………not subsidized to stay there.

I support Bobby Brunner and Neighbors Helping Neighbors. I do not have to question why Mr. Brunner does what he does. Never do I have to wonder how much goes to Mr. Brunner and how much goes to people in need. Never has anyone had to talk to Mr. Brunner in person for him to do the right thing.

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To be clear: Mr. Brunner is a private individual. Neighbors Helping Neighbors is a REAL nonprofit. Mr. Brunner does what he does without financial gain and without the force of government putting a gun to his head to do so. Mr. Brunner is the proof of what us soul-crushing heartless Libertarians have been saying all along. Mr. Brunner’s recent experiences have shown that government impedes what is right. Mr. Brunner is the proof of how little our elected officials, our laws, and our government really care about us or doing what’s right.

Mr. Brunner I salute you and all that you do. You bring hope where we and our reliance on government to “do the right thing” have failed our community. I encourage all to take lesson from Mr. Brunner. Take initiative wherever you can. Help that struggling single mother across the street. Even if you have no means of your own; a few minutes every week could make the difference whether that mother is burying her children someday.

Help that older couple next door shovel their snow. That fine for not being able to do it themselves might mean those folks don’t eat for a few days. The little boy walking home from school in front of that couple’s house may not thank you but you might just find the thought of him not falling and breaking an arm payment enough. If you have a neighbor working two or three jobs to keep his or her household together please grab that litter in their front yard. Our caring city council just voted unanimously to give “teeth” to litter ordinances. They have shown not one of them cares enough about the damage this will do to a household. Show that you do care.

Don’t let that hard working neighbor or your elderly neighbor pay the price of our poor decisions at the voting booth.

Dave Moser
York County Libertarian Party


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