York County Libertarian Party

Camera Presence Causes Stir at Mobile Food Vendor Committee Session

Solicitor to provide opinion on right to record proceedings

The trend to stifle discussion concerning the City of York’s protectionist mobile food vendor regulations continues. Sonia Huntzsinger, Downtown Inc. Director and mobile food vendor committee chairperson mulled suspending tonight’s committee session in response to Public Works Director Jim Gross’ objection to my video camera.

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York City School District Failing Under Pressure

The Struggle to Be Heard

There’s been a lot of coverage concerning the mishandling of public comment at York City School Board meetings. I’ve been there, I know the feeling; it doesn’t feel good to be shut down on technicalities and the board’s mechanical adherence to stifling public comment policies.

But, it was different for me. Maybe it was because the York LP has already proven we’re staunch defenders of the first amendment and don’t shy away from public struggle, or maybe they were just in a good mood. When I brought forth my beef with the school district’s public comment policy at a town hall meeting just a short six months ago, I was personally invited back to a meeting to air my concerns before the board by YCSD Supt. Dr. Holmes, himself.

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York City Council Mobile Food Vendor Discussion: Part 1

Why Is Everyone Mad at Me?

City council recently introduced ten pages of regulatory barriers and restraints on mobile food vendors. As I’ve always advocated for people to have the freedom to exchange goods and services in York City, I thought I’d attend the proceedings and offer my input on York’s mobile food vendor ordinance.

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Post Election Thoughts

For My Friends, Supporters and Everyone In Between

My mind is still racing a mile a minute, so this is only a portion of my thought track as I’m sitting here writing. First, I’m taken aback by the way some bureaucrats are steeping in false confidence and gloating as if the endorsement of less than 10% of the adult population in a jurisdiction is some form of mandate or overwhelming support.

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CRIZ Tax Diversion Program: Will the Latest State Sponsored Business Incentive Spur Development in the City of York?

City Revitalization and Improvement Zones (CRIZ) Trigger Corporate Welfare Craze in Pa.‘s Third Class Cities

Debate – Will CRIZ program benefit York?

for the TL;DR version, skip the text and hit play on the video above to view a discussion on the CRIZ topic between myself and CRIZ supporter/Think Loud CEO Bill Hynes.

Move over – Keystone Opportunity Zones – there’s a new, over-hyped, wildly speculative and risky business incentive program being pushed by the know-it-all bureaucrats in Pa. government.

City Revitalization and Improvement Zone projects will allow eligible businesses to divert state and local taxes to pay for project bonds and debt financing.

State taxes that can be diverted include:

  • Personal Income
  • Capital Stock Transfer
  • Corporate Net Income
  • Sales
  • Liquor Taxes

Local Taxes that can be diverted (pending approval) include:

  • Earned Income
  • Commuter
  • Business Privilege/Mercantile Tax
  • Local services
  • Amusement Tax

Bureaucrats in the City of York are in heat with CRIZ fever, with council unanimously moving forward with the process to establish a CRIZ authority in York despite my objections from the gallery.

I’ll have much more to add to the discussion of CRIZ, central planning and tax subsidies in York as the process moves along. For now, be sure to watch the candid debate between myself and developer Bill Hynes, CEO of Think Loud LLC, who did a fine job representing his brand while giving his honest take on the business incentive program.

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